Why certification for sociocratic experts? – Barbara Strauch

sociocracy: effective governance

The SCM “Sociocratic Circle Method” from Gerard Endenburg was developed in 30 years after Endenburg started Sociocracy in his electronic-company in Rotterdam. With the team in the first Sociocratic Center he developed a 4-Phases-Implementation-Process to bring Sociocracy well-suitable to every organization and companies that askes for it – and make it sustainable. It is a big change from linear-management to the equivalence in decision-making. So Endenburg and his team started an education-programm to develope Sociocratic Experts. In the regional Austrian Sociocracy Center we startet in 2013 and have nowthe third time a group of 12 students on the way to CSE – Certified Sociocratic Experts.
In my 20min I will tell you the WHY we are offering this education-programm which we got directly from the SCN – Sociocratisch Center Nederland in Rotterdam, the place where Gerard Endenburg comes to his office daily. I will report you also from the benefit for the students and then for the organizations an then for the society.