Can you imagine where we will be in 12 months? With your help, we can grow this movement of an effective and egalitarian governance for all!

Celebrate with us what we accomplished in 2016/2017

  • youtube-statisticsThe video “Sociocracy. The Operating System of solt1the New Economy” has gotten more than 8,500 hits since we published it on May 30 2016. If you search for “sociocracy” on youtube, you will see that our video has been watched more often than ANY other video about sociocracy! On the right, you can see how the views of our channel
    increased every month. There is some hard work behind that!
  • _mg_5919We came up with an innovative way of teaching governance: by immersion! In our Sociocracy Leadership Training (SoLT), 4 cohorts of 17-24 participants participants experienced the transformative power of the unique combination of human connection and effectiveness that sociocracy creates. See the video here about SoLT 1 and get inspired by their excitement and joy!

 Thank you notes and videos from our workshop participants.