Session 6

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The sixth session is review (selection process, evaluation) and leaves some time to plan a presentation, or for a topic of your choice.

  1. You could watch some complimentary videos and have a discussion
  2. You could talk about next steps
  3. You could plan a presentation

Sociocratic tools you will know about after this session (in all sessions completed so far):


Session 6 preparation (optional)

 activity reference material est. time
 Print Package session 6
Our recommendations:

 30+ min

Session video


Session 6 activities (total meeting time: 90min)

 activity reference material est. time
  check-in video (facilitator for rounds)  10 min
  administrative video (facilitator for rounds)   5 min
  what’s next? video (facilitator for rounds)   5 min
 curriculum evaluation video (facilitator for rounds)  10 min
 picture time! Take a picture of your group on a couch (a sofa!) and submit it to SoFA, please! Online groupsimpsons_couchs please take a screenshot and submit it.
You could add little notes/ testimonials and
hold them into the camera. We’d love to see who has been using this curriculum
  5 min
  selection donations video (facilitator for rounds)  20 min
  (circle’s choice) Plan your sharing of rounds OR

Video about sociocracy and NVC (8:28min) OR

Video about “What to do with disruptive behavior in circles” (20min)

  25 min
 meeting evaluation  video (facilitator for rounds)  10 min

Session 6 enrichment (optional)

 activity reference material est. time
 video Explore SoFA’s training offers

Look at SoFA’s circle structure

 15 min

Session 6 follow-up with coach

 activity reference material est. time
 meet with coach:
 leader and delegate
If you met without a coach, please submit your photo to and let us know whether it can go on the website. For your donation to SoFA, you can donate using the “donate” button here. If you’d like to talk about next steps for your group, contact

For groups that have booked a coach: put your feedback in this form. You will then receive an email to make a new appointment to talk about session 6 and potential next steps.


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FAQ session 6

How do we take a screen shot (online groups)?

  • on Windows computers:
    • Press Ctrl + PrtScn.
    • Select the arrow next to the New button, choose the kind of snip you want, and then pick the area of the screen that you want to capture.
    • save
  • on mac computers:
    • Press Shift-Command-4.
    • Move the crosshair to where you want to start the screenshot, then drag to select an area.
    • Find the screenshot as a .png file on your desktop.