Upcoming events

Introduction events


Sharing power in cohousing and eco-villages


Self-governance in alignment with our purpose!


Equality and shared power with sociocracy

Level 2 classes (modules)

Circle structure in sociocracy

3 sessions on organizational structure.

Options (pick at check-out):

  • 3 Thursdays in September
  • 3 Wednesdays in January

Productive meetings with flow

3 sessions on decision-making and facilitation.

Options (pick at check-out):

  • 3 Thursdays in September/October
  • 3 Wednesdays in January/February

Smoother meetings

3 sessions on compassionate communication

Options (pick at check-out):

  • 3 Thursdays in October
  • 3 Wednesdays in late February

Getting better all the time

3 sessions on roles, reviews & accountability

Options (pick at check-out):

  • 3 Thursdays in November
  • 3 Wednesdays in late March

Webinars (general interest and deepening)

Webinar 2×2

Dragon Dreaming adds celebration and vision to sociocracy! Some call it dreamocracy!

More info/registration

Training and practice

Proposals can be written in a participatory way by a group using the process of picture forming and proposal shaping from sociocracy.

More info/registration

In-person workshops

  • Denmark: July 6-7 (inquire for more info)
  • Denmark: July 8-14 (more info and registration)
  • Ottawa (Canada): Oct 24 (more info coming)

See SoFA staff’s travel schedule including tentative events