What can I do to make any meeting better?

You feel inspired but your (non-Sociocratic) organization has meetings that you wish could be more effective and inclusive?

Here is a list to take to your next meeting of things you can do in ANY meeting, no matter what form of decision-making is being used.

  • Invite rounds:

    “Can we do a little go-around because I would really like to hear everybody on this”

  • Ask for objections before a decision gets made. (You can do that even when the governance model would go for majority vote.) Ask for the reasons and address them, including everyone in the room in the process. The goal is for the whole group to own the concerns that are being expressed by a member.

    “I think his/her concern brings something up that might be important for all of us. How could we address this?”

  • When your group makes a decision, make sure you put in a way of knowing whether your decision has the desired effect.

    “I would like to know if this decision really has the effect we are hoping for. How about we survey people about this as we go, and re-evaluate in 6 months?”


Our list is a short version of “Sociocracy for One” by Sharon Villines. See her full article here.