Hosting a sociocracy workshop with SoFA

SoFA staff has taught dozens of sociocracy workshops in countries like the USA and Canada, Brazil, Italy.

We have worked with audiences from for-profit, non-profits, communities and associations.

All workshops are hands-on, participatory and connecting. Everyone will walk away with a basic understanding of sociocracy, its benefits and tools. Our aim is to teach in a way so people can apply what they have learned in their own organizations.

Each workshop can be offered as an open workshop (host plus participants from the outside) or as closed workshops (exclusive for the hosting organization). Workshops work well with 15-30 participants. Longer and larger workshops work best with two trainers and or with assistants.

Content covered by workshop length

How to be a workshop host

Workshop hosts are the contact persons that we work with. Workshop hosts are either part of the hosting organizations, or they are local hosts that help find a venue and do outreach to the workshop.

A good workshop needs about 3-6 months of time in advance. During that time, these are the tasks that need doing:

  • Fix a date, pay and length of workshop (3-6 months in advance)
  • Find a venue for your group size (>3 months in advance)
  • For open workshops
    • decide on workshop fee for participants (>8 weeks in advance)
    • make an event listing, e.g. on eventbrite and publish (>8 weeks in advance);
    • do outreach (you do most, we add some)
    • confirmation that the workshop will happen (> 4 weeks in advance)
  • Arrange details (like materials, transportation, accomodation, arrangements for food for the workshop (>4 weeks in advance)

The budget for open workshops often contains some money for the work of the workshop host. Workshop costs as stated above don’t include travel costs or accomodation.

To plan your budget, Jerry and Ted are based in Amherst Massachusetts near Harford (BDL) airport for domestic flights, Boston (BOS) for international flights.To reduce carbon emissions and costs, you can try to tag along to other travels. You can see their availability and travel plans below. We always have lots of projects lined up and might not keep the travel schedule current. Send an email to Jerry ( and tell us what you’re looking for.

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Trainer bios

SoFA has connections to trainers and practitioners all over the world — we might know someone in your region!

Beyond that, SoFA staff is traveling to teach workshops on a regular basis. Both Jerry and Ted have taught in different countries on three continents.

Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Jerry is a consultant and trainer in Socio- cracy & Compassionate Communication (NVC), focusing on egalitarian governance, decision-making, communication skills, and conflict resolution/Restorative Circles.
Jerry is a founding resident of Pioneer Valley Cohousing, a 25-year old community in Massachusetts that has been successfully using Sociocracy since 2012.
Jerry has taught sociocracy and NVC to many communities, non-profits and for- profits.

Jerry teaches in English and Spanish.
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Ted Rau

Originally a linguist, Ted is a trainer and coach for sociocracy and holds the role of the operational leader of Sociocracy For All. Ted is currently also the Program Director of the advanced one-year training program offered by SoFA, the Sociocracy Academy.

Ted has 5 children. He enjoys music and writing projects (see his blog page).
He is a resident of Pioneer Valley Cohousing where he is the coordinator of the General Circle.

Ted teaches in English and German.

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Ted and Jerry co-founded Sociocracy For All, an international movement service organization that provides resources, training and networking for sociocracy practitioners.

They co-authored the sociocracy handbook Many Voices One Song published in June 2018.