Giving feedback – a bundle of resources

sociocracy: effective governance

Without feedback, we are stuck forever in the same patterns. Without feedback, we will not learn and will never improve. We will never understand how we impact others, whether our intentions match our impact. Why would we not want to hear feedback from others? The ability to receive and give feedback requires: (1) a mindset in which we see feedback as data that we can use to improve. (2) skill.

This is a section devoted to feedback. We have two resources for you that go well together.

  1. You can read much more background about feedback in sociocratic organizations in this 25-page article. It explains the basic ideas from NVC, the role of feedback in sociocracy, and some more examples.
  2. The recording of the webinar is here. The slides are here. The feedback form is on the top. (Click on the image to open as high-resolution pdf version.)