Case studies

Are you in a sociocratic organization and willing to be featured in a case study? Tell us about you.

Case study of Treehouse Ecohousing
Treehouse Village Ecohousing is a project to build a cohousing community, the first in Atlantic Canada. It officially launched on
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Team of harvesters on a farm (SoLaWi)
Solawi Bodensee is a German association with around 90 members. Solawi is an acronym for “Solidarische Landwirtschaft” which is translated
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Logo — Pittsfield Listens!
Pittsfield Listens!
Pittsfield Listens  Pittsfield Listens is an organization in Pittsfield, New Hampshire, that works to build community, inform on civic issues,
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Arbo Life logo
Arbolife was founded by Morli and Marc Mathys because they wanted to take a road to better care about themselves
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Organizational chart - Nothing (zoomed in)
Peer-to-Peer Governance in a for-profit organization
Design company. The new processes were introduced gradually.
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Photo of group at work
Rocky Corner cohousing
Rocky Corner is a cohousing community being built in Bethany, Connecticut in the USA.
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Another School is Possible Association
A movement striving for a child­centered, play­focused, non­profit primary education.
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logo — Learn two Change
Non-profit: Learn To Change
Case study: Learn to change is a Non Governmental Organization that brings together a community of teachers and educators working
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A Time bank in Massachusetts
Valley Time Trade is a volunteer organization that tracks hours of service offered by members to other members, referred to
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Mindfulness first: a sense of calm for communities and classrooms
Mindfulness first
Mindfulness first is a nonprofit that promotes mindfulness in schools and beyond.
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A theater company
A worker-owned theater company in New York state.
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Community of eco villages: Casa Latina
Casa Latina is the Latin American part of the Global Ecovillage Network, an association of ecovillages
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LOS school
LOS is a sociocratic school located in the small village of Duerne in the south of the Netherlands.
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Cohousing: Eden community
Eden Community is a Christian cohousing community. 
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For Profit: KittenTech
This case study features a proposal for a for-profit in the UK.
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Cohousing: Instituto Bioregional do Cerrado
IBC’s purpose is to raise awareness and increase sustainability in bioregional communities.
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Cohousing: Pioneer Valley Coho
A sociocratic community in Massachusetts that switched over after almost 20 years of consensus.
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Cohousing: Cohabitat Québec
An urban sociocratic cohousing community in Quebec, Canada, that values non-violent communication.
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For purpose: Galgael
A social enterprise giving people more opportunity.
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Residential Care Facility
This case study features a residential care facility in Vermont that has been using sociocracy for many years in combination
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Holma Folk Highschool
This case study features a large permaculture school in Sweden.
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