Empowered Learning Circles – a multimedia curriculum for study groups

Empowered Learning Circles

9 hours of training delivered to you. The most convenient and affordable training we offer!

You want to learn about sociocracy, and a structured study group sounds great to you? Welcome to our ELCs (Empowered Learning Circles)! This is our entry class in 6 sessions of about 1.5h each. What you will learn is equivalent to a weekend workshop – but you can do it any time, with your favorite people, in your own living or meeting room – and it is affordable!

How it works

  • The curriculum consists of 6 sessions. They take about 1.5 hours each.
  • The sessions include lecture (video), practical exercises and reflection space.
  • You convene a group of 4-7 people, turn of the first session video and start learning!

Watch our video on the right to get a quick intro.

Who is this curriculum for?

Beginners who want to explore sociocracy/Dynamic Governance

Groups who have read our manual and want to get first-hand, practical experience

This curriculum has been used by intentional communities, cooperatives and for-profits.

More than 20 groups have completed the curriculum - maybe even more! See some happy groups in the pictures below!

How much does it cost?


Do it on your own and donate after session 6:
Pay what you want!


Do it with a coach:
Pay a coaching fee (sliding scale $110-210 total) and donate after session 6.

Why do it with a coach?

Going through the curriculum with a coach means that you:

  • Report your feedback and your questions to the coach after a session
  • Your leader/convener (and later a second person) has a 30min conversation with the coach after every of the 6 sessions.
  • The video calls can be recorded to share with your group.

This is how your coach helps you:

  • Have your questions answered exactly for your situation.
  • Be well-prepared for your next session.
  • Start talking about application of sociocracy for your group.

How to start

  1. Fill out the registration form.
  2. Make a date to talk with Sociocracy For All.
    • During the call, ask your questions about logistics.
    • Decide whether you want to go through the program with or without a coach.
    • If you work with a coach, determine the pay on the sliding scale. ($110-210 total, for all the 6 meetings)
  3. Get your group together and learn!

Frequently asked questions

  • Does the sliding scale coaching fee include all sessions?
  • Do we all have to be in the same room to do this?
    No. Some groups have done it online as well. We can host you on zoom if you'd like that. You can even mix it: have some people call in and have others in the room.
  • How much will we learn?
    We think of ELC as covering what we would teach in a 2-day workshop, including the exercises.
  • Who is the leader of an ELC?
    By default, we assume that the person who contacts us is the leader/convener. You can change that if you want.
  • What happens after ELC?
    Depends on what you'd like to do next! Happy to talk about it. Contact us.
  • What's the relationship between the curriculum and the handbook Many Voices One Song?
    Excellent question! The curriculum ELC is about 1.5 years older than the final version of the book. The readings that are available with ELC for free were actually the basis for the book. However, as things go, we developed much more detailed content for the handbook, and we even changed our minds on a few things. However, in the enrichment content, we always point to articles that are short and can be used to be brought up to speed. Honestly, for new learners, the difference is almost neglectable.
    For people who want to learn sociocracy from scratch, ELC is an excellent option. We mention the book chapters and pages with the additional content not to drive book sales (after all, the free online readings are still available) but because ELCs that wanted to read the book and have practical exercises asked us to give us the corresponding pages in the book.
  • Why are you offering the curriculum by donation?
    • Because making sociocracy/Dynamic Governance accessible to as many people as possible is our mission.
    • Affordability is a big concern of ours, and there aren't enough trainers to cover in-person training in the whole world, including remote places.
    • As a training organization, we are most active in intermediate and advanced training. ELC is a 'by-product' to bring people up to speed who want to take intermediate training and to give young teachers an additional resource in their learning. We're glad many people can benefit from that!

What you will learn

Click on the session number to get to the session page with video, session plan, handout, readings and enrichment resources. Everything is accessible to everyone.

Click on a session in the table to see the agenda items for each session.

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