Session 4

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spiral-logo3The fourth session covers organizational structure. Since you are only one circle, we will have to look at examples of organizations with more than one circle. If we imagine your ELC being linked with SoFA through your coach (or with another body filling that role if your coach is using the ELC curriculum without being part of SoFA), then we can now establish double linking between your ELC and SoFA training circle. In order to establish double linking, we will select a delegate from this circle to SoFA.

After this session, you will able to use these skills:

  • Understand the organizational structures of non-profits, for-profits and very flat organizations.
  • Double linking can be used in any organization – just insist on linking two committees with two people instead of (n)one.

Sociocratic tools you will know about after this session (in all sessions completed so far):


Session 4 preparation (optional)

 activity reference material est. time
 Print  Package session 4

 Reading in Many Voices One Song

 Reading on organizational structure

Sections 2.1-2.2.2, p. 15-29, and sections 2.4-2.5.3, p. 45-51

 25 min

25 min


Session video

Session 4 activities (total meeting time: 90min)

 activity reference material  est. time
 check-in video (facilitator for rounds)  10 min
 administrative video (facilitator for rounds)  5 min
 org. structures video  10 min
 examples video, org. structures (handout)  20 min
 Selection delegate (facilitator for rounds, use decision-making sheet!)  20 min
 your org. structure video


  • draw your current organizational structure
  • do picture forming/proposal ideas on organizational structure
  • other
 15 min
 meeting evaluation video (facilitator for rounds)  10 min

Session 4 enrichment (optional)

 activity reference material  est. time
 videos video section On organizational structure (watch until 17:12)  7 min
FAQ: Who selects the leader?  <2 min
FAQ: What is a delegate in sociocracy?  <2 min

Session 4 follow-up with coach

 activity reference material est. time
 meet with coach:
 leader and delegate
For groups that have booked a coach: put your feedback in this form. You will then receive an email to make a new appointment to talk about session 4 and to prepare session 5.  30min

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