Who is SoFA?

Sociocracy For All (SoFA) is a non-profit bringing sociocracy to the world.

  • We are approachable and peer-oriented.
  • We are convinced that real-life skills are important for governing ourselves as equals.
  • We are committed to affordability and integrity.

What we offer


  • Sociocracy Leadership Training (SoLT) is a pop-up organization for 9 weeks - all online.  Experience sociocracy yourself. Learn about SoLT
  • Learn in your own group with this self-study curriculum. Learn about ELC
  • Interested in becoming a trainer yourself? A peer support group among SoFA members meets biweekly to improve their workshops and learn from each other. SoFA is also preparing advanced training.

Learn more about all training options.


We are committed to giving you all the information possible about sociocracy so you can use it. We are also committed to keeping things affordable. That's why most of our content is free.

Among our resources are:

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  • There are many of us! And we meet in video calls or in person, exploring where sociocracy can be used best, and what we can create together to help give people what they need to thrive in their organization.
    See our working circles.
  • Hang out with us in a webinar - we always have an interesting guest, or we present some of our latest content. Many of us stay on after the call and chat.
    Join us for one of our upcoming webinars.